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Updating the bios file

To identify what platform your BIOS uses, check to see if any of these logos appear on bootup: If none of these images help you identify your motherboard BIOS company, the easiest way to check this information is by using identification tools such as Everest or CPUID, or simply consult your manual or OEM manufacturer.

After you have determined the BIOS type, you can use the corresponding methods listed below.

Once installed, open the utility and select the USB flashdrive to format.

Below, tick the bubble for creating an MSDOS startup disk.

If you are simply trying to update to the latest BIOS version released from a computer manufacturer and are not computer savvy, please download the package found on your support page (only applies for prebuilt systems!

) A generic list of links to support pages is listed below: Acer | ASUS | Dell | e Machines | Gateway | HP | Lenovo | Toshiba If you do not fall under the one click category, then its time to prepare a bootable USB flashdrive that we will use to boot DOS. Download the HP USB disk format tool and install it.

NVIDIA BIOS Editor (Ni Bi Tor) brings more than overclocking capabilities to the table.

It sports management of some advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supported hardware.

Usually, a motherboard or computer manufacturer will tell you if an update for your system is required.Additionally, if you have a greater knowledge of your PC and want to modify your BIOS to achieve a specific goal, consider making an inquiry in our .The first thing to identify when updating your BIOS is what platform you’re system uses; the most common being Award, AMI, and Phoenix, which we will go into further detail later.Its tabbed layout offers access to ' Clockrates', ' Voltages', ' Advanced Info', ' Timings', ' Temperatures' or ' Boot Settings'.At the top sits the Info section, providing you with Device and Vendor selection, BIOS Version or Date.

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Right underneath it, at program start, you can find the customizable 2D / 3D as well as Throttle Core, Shader and Memory clock values.

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