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Therefore, you must ask your water provider whether your water has lead in it.For homes served by public water systems, data on lead in tap water may be available on the Internet from your local water authority.Because most bottled water does not contain fluoride, a fluoride supplement may be necessary.Also, some bottled waters have not been tested and may not be appropriate for consumption. Make sure that repairs to copper pipes do not use lead solder.

Boiling this water will NOT reduce the amount of lead in your water. You can also reduce or eliminate your exposure to lead in drinking water by consuming only bottled water or water from a filtration system that has been certified by an independent testing organization to reduce or eliminate lead. Therefore, for homes with children or pregnant women and with water lead levels exceeding EPA’s action level of 15 ppb, CDC recommends using bottled water or water from a filtration system that has been certified by an independent testing organization to reduce or eliminate lead for cooking, drinking, and baby formula preparation.A) If the pipe in the street (header pipe) DOES NOT have lead, the lead in your tap water may be coming from fixtures, pipes, or elsewhere inside your home.Until you eliminate the source, you should take the following steps any time you wish to use tap water for drinking or cooking, especially when the water has been off and sitting in the pipes for more than 6 hours: b.This precaution has not been adequately studied, however, because the data available to CDC included too few homes having had full replacement of lead water lines.Contact your water authority for information about replacing water service lines.

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If my water has high lead levels, is it safe to take a bath or shower? Bathing and showering should be safe for you and your children, even if the water contains lead over EPA’s action level. This information applies to most situations and to a large majority of the population, but individual circumstances may vary.

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