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One must first understand, that under their canopy of one "Great Architect of the Universe" theology, Masonry has been adept at making "strategic alliances" with Satanists, The Brotherhood, Spiritists, Wicca, Druids, Cabalists, Hindu and Islam. It is from this alliance that their "Messiah" will appear.

Masons treat all these groups and beliefs as all equal.

When I joined Freemasonry I was told I was living in darkness, and I could only see the light through Freemasonry. However, it is strange that the room they meet in is referred to as a temple, the seat the Worshipful Master (the chairman for that year) sits on is referred to as an altar and the ceremonies end with the phrase so mote it be - the same words used in major satanic rituals, Mr Attard explained.The ultimate goal of Freemasonry is to take charge of the world and eventually become A One World Government - the recent terminology being used is globalization.The idea is also to replace all religions with the one true Masonic religion.The Masonic Grand Lodge meets in Tel-Aviv, but there are Masonic Temples (about 70) in all important cities, from Nahariya in the north to Eilat, Israel's southern port on the Red Sea.See the numerous Masonic lodges in Israel: here- Two weeks after the 1967 Six-Day War which saw Jerusalem and the Temple Mount brought under Israeli control, there occurred the greatest freemasonic meeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since the founding of UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England), at which the Duke of Kent was installed as the new Grand Master.

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- Shortly after, the QC Lodge dispatched a member, the Jewish physicist Dr.