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Second date internet dating

Obviously not everyone feels this way, but many do.

With online dating, there were times where I was talking with seven or eight women at a time all at different stages of the dating process.

She tries to repair things with the guy but the damage is done: he thinks he’s dealing with a potential stalker/obsessive woman when in reality the biggest problem was that online dating was being treated like traditional dating. She doesn’t reply quickly enough so we decided she’s not interested and never contact her again.

Well-meaning friends apply traditional dating rules to online dating when they give us advice and that leads to people overreacting and killing potentially great relationships.

It’s human nature to want to know where we stand and seeing someone online again, especially after a great first date, can be very unsettling.

However, if it was just one date, it’s important to treat it like just one date.

Alternately, is it impolite for me to log into a dating site after a first date that I’ve gone on?

I see this question most often from the angle of: “We had a great first date but I saw that he/she was active on Match yesterday so I guess they aren’t interested”.

This can be very difficult if you’re taking the old school dating approach of only talking to one person at a time.Also, if you decide you’re going to try to apply the traditional dating style to online dating, consider the following: Okay, now with that out of the way, onto the actual questions of account activity after meeting someone.If you’ve gone on a date and you see the person you met back online, I’m not going to say you should never feel concern.Sometimes I’m contacted after the person has exploded in an email or phone call to the person they met, normally something along the lines of letting the person know they won’t be “played”.On the other hand, I’ve also talked to people coming from this angle: Since Match displays how active a person has been over the last 24hrs, online now, etc., when is it appropriate to log on after you have been on a really good date?

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