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It was announced on 9 June 2013, that Discipline decided to leave the show and Tyler would be leaving the soap.Tyler arrives in Walford with his father Eddie Moon (David Essex) and his brother Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas), and works in his father antiques emporium.Whoever "she" is, the use of the phrase as a stock expression is Newer Than They Think.Any use at all before 1992 and most uses before about 2005 can be considered instances of Have a Gay Old Time.Tyler wins the fight, though suffers a fit and undergoes life saving operations.Other than this, he is described as a "heart-throb" and "ladykiller".

Tyler later starts dating Whitney Dean (Shona Mc Garty), though their relationship suffers badly due to Whitney's past.Whitney believes she is pregnant and when she tells Tyler, he seems reluctant to take on a child.He comes round to the idea, but Whitney discovers she is not pregnant after all.Michael manipulates Tyler into taking part in an unlicensed boxing match, and sets him up with a boxer called Artie Stiller (Maurice Lee), who is known to fight dirty.Tyler wins the fight, after taking quite a few beatings, but shortly after he collapses having a seizure in the ring.

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He is released without charge and accuses Anthony and Tyler of calling the police, increasing their debt to £8000.

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