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Not updating sent mail ipad ios 7

The issue is with the password in outgoing mail settings (SMTP settings) for certain email accounts.

This article will provide you possible solutions to solve your problem and workarounds for i Phone 6 users who are having hard times to send corporate and personal emails.

If the default settings on your device are not working, you can try to use alternative SMTP ports. When Fetch New Data is off, you would not be able to get new E-mails on your device.

Follow these steps to try alternative SMTP port settings:(More Info On Email Port for i Pad Air)Go to Settings app. Check your Fetch New Data and check if the Push function is off. For instance, you only want your device to fetch emails every fifteen minutes.

With this feature, smartphone users can have unlimited access to their emails anytime and anywhere they want to.

Go to Settings, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap Add account.

If you are having an issue on your i Phone 7 or you can’t send email, there is no need to fret anymore.

Many users also experienced the same problem and yes, it can be really frustrating especially when you need to make a reply to important emails.

Another solution that worked for many users is restarting wireless routers and rebooting the i Phone 7.

You can turn off your router or modem for at least thirty seconds and turn it on again. The problem could be your router and a simple restart of it may hopefully solve the issue.

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After the updating to i OS 10, many email accounts on i Phone 7 are not able to send emails such as Yahoo Accounts, Bellsouth accounts, Comcast accounts and other email accounts.