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My free chat tube

Netflix says 1.5 Mbps is necessary for streaming, with 5 Mbps providing a better result.

Check your provider, or bill, if you’re not sure of your speed.

A credit card may be required, but it won’t be charged unless you order new services or movies.

But original comedies, dramas and specials represent just a fraction of the programs available on streaming services. Chances are, you heard the fuss about an adaptation of Stephen King’s “,” only to ask “what channel is that on? In the first quarter of this year, Nielsen reports, half of U. households had access to streaming video, a jump of nearly 10 percent in two years. If you’re an expert at streaming, this article isn’t for you. Louis — and the world — people are streaming hot shows on Netflix, catching up on series on Hulu and discovering new favorites on Amazon. Almost certainly, you’ve read about “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards” and wished, when everyone was talking about them, that you could sample them. Maybe you’ve had Netflix for years, have since added other streaming networks and talk about your Rokus and Chromecasts as casually as everyone once referred to rabbit ears.The intent is to help newcomers dip a toe into streaming without fear or frustration.It will cover the most basic of basics: What you need to stream, how to manage your device and what services are available.

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(See the previous discussion of HDMI.)You also need an HDMI cable. Buy a cheap one, though: They are as good as the overpriced cables.

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