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takes a closer look at who is to blame, as well as how women are fighting back.Sexual harassment has been a growing problem in Egypt over the last few years, especially in Cairo.UN Women reported that over 99% of Egyptian women have suffered from sexual harassment in their lifetime.Due to the extensive media coverage on the issue, the Egyptian government introduced anti-sexual harassment legislation, making it possible for harassers to face years in prison.And Calvin isn't just any gay character, but a fully developed gay character that is a star jock, confident, and even has a love life — not exactly standard fare for television, especially on a network better known for broadcasting Pat Robertson's . AE: I'm curious, and I kind of have a sense of this already from what you were saying before, but playing a gay character, do you feel a greater sense of responsibility in how you portray that character than maybe just a regular role? When the fourth episode that just came out [last week] … He [Sean] really is using Calvin sort of to say how he feels about being gay.After recently caught up with Paul James, the actor who plays Calvin, to chat about how he got the role, playing gay again, and how lucky he is to have great parents. I did get a really nice note from one of my friends from college and he said thank you so much for the portrayal, a positive portrayal, and that was really cool. we were arguing about it and it had been rewritten so many times because originally my father, they wrote him as not tolerant. Calvin is a character, but he's also sort of a little bit of a mouthpiece of what Sean has seen in his life and how he wants to portray a certain character, whereas the other characters are written purely as entertainment. My dad grew up in Alabama, in the Civil Rights movement, and so there just wasn't any tolerance for bigotry in the house at all.

The other episodes, he's got to deal with the issues and stuff like that, and deal with another guy and another house and like that kind of thing. AE: I think gay fans really like Calvin just being someone who happens to be gay and would like to see his relationship with Heath just have regular relationship issues as opposed to… That's completely what, for Heath and I, the fifth episode is about and, I think, the eighth episode. where everyone was sitting around cleaning stuff, an Omega Chi project, and the guys were talking about girls. I remember there was this one time when a gay guy was actually in theater with me, we did a play together, he wanted to rush our fraternity, and it was like a big deal. AE: Thanks for talking with us and doing such a great job with the role.

The Lesbian Culture Club has partnered with LAWN and pillars of lesbian entertainment to celebrate National Coming Out Day.

Rally for the preservation of lesbian spaces and places with comedy, music, pathos, spoken word, knife-juggling, and a hosted bar!

Showcasing comedy and storytelling by some of LA’s prominent lesbian entertainers, it will include a bit of knife juggling because, why not?

Gay women’s spaces and places are disappearing faster than kittens at a lesbian pet adoption fair.

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Also I think that just the fact that it's about college, a lot of young kids are looking at it and anticipating that's what's going to be their future. PJ: Yeah, the guy that you saw coming out of the door with, Heath [Zack Lively], in the the fifth episode, the starts delving into their relationship more. AE: Does Calvin come out to his fraternity at some point? I count myself lucky because there's a lot of people who come out here with no money or without the support of their parent. There was a casting director named Johnny Barba, and he became friends with a bunch of us who worked there. He said that I had sort of fallen off the table, and that even though I had done a good job, they just kind of forgot about me. But all I had to go from was the pilot and if you've seen the pilot you see it's not mentioned until the end of the show. That's why the movie , I mean it turned out actually pretty terrible, but it's an interesting movie and the acting is great and the idea was great and I took it because the character was beautiful. Shawn was this like very delicate creature who grew up around a lot of ugliness in the projects and so he sort of lived an imaginary life. He was looking for love, you know, in any place, just wanting someone to love him. AE: Which is real and believable and again, I think that's part of what people are responding to.