German american dating seperation

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German american dating seperation

I am guessing the idiots handling patent approval would blindly approve the patent application. Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PG01&s1=20170323294&OS=20170323294&RS=20170323294 • November 18, 2017 AM Cheap COTTONMOUTH-1 replacement You can but it for less than ten US dollars: https:// This surveillance device has an impressive set of features: I can hardly believe buying/selling this device is legal. • November 18, 2017 AM 1 for getting outside more @tired not exactly "optimistic vibes", but from the, to me, humorous far side: ... We won't really need Ai in the future, except in the Io T. ) of fleshybots, 'thinking' becomes unnecessary, and even dangerous. 3 pix with your face tagged = it's you 300 pix with faces = ???• November 18, 2017 AM @ Clive Robinson Thanks a lot for the information you shared with us on last friday squid blogging! “This eighteen-year-old punk kid shows up,” Dariani told me, describing a typical meeting with potential sponsors, “and he’s talking about how things are ‘retarded’ and making fart jokes and not listening to your team with a hundred years of experience. But then you’re terrified.” https:// On a more dysthymic note, however, this reminds me of Trump's leadership of a country. Precisely out of fear over how unfriending might create an international incident, I unfriended no one, I simply removed all pix, convos and left the news feeds on. • November 18, 2017 AM You all know that urban legend that viruses are written by AV companies themselves? https:// • November 18, 2017 PM @tyr My link didn't include the details of the content of that US military leak. Anyone who thought that their social media posts were only viewed by friends should understand that "friends" is essentially equated with "public", or worse, the Eye of Sauron (in my idealistic 'privacy advocate' mind, at least). • November 18, 2017 PM @Wael, You may ask a friend. @Winston, "AI is now officially a religion." I like the sound of that. Robert Sapolsky didn't say so, but he implies that someday, specific undesirable behavior may controllable with drugs. The old joke said "Hand drawn and quoted" to match "Hung drawn and quatered".Using Win2K of any version seems to possibly be less risk than say a new Windows phone on the network or even Windows 10 Pro on the network. [please don't say it depends or maybe - take a chance with yes or no] https:// [the above post will link you to most of the discussion on Win2K usage] Anders [answers] @65536 "With all of the above said, the question remains could you use Win2k Pro or Win2K in any small business or home behind a fire wall?Is the risk/reward favorable to using Win2k behind a NAT firewall? Using Win2K of any version seems to possibly be less risk than say a new Windows phone on the network or even Windows 10 Pro on the network. "-65535 YES -Anders https:// Clive's last post on his Win2K server setup with datadiodes.

Many devices including the IME and USB are connected to these ports, but they are supposed to be segmented. And they're not going to know about it until they finally do - maybe months? And even if they/you do spot it, there's no strong guarantee you can clear it out without RMA'ing your hardware. • November 19, 2017 AM Brave Browser has rolled out the next phase of its platform by allowing users to donate directly to You Tube stars anonymously and securely using Bitcoin: https:// This is just one part of Brave’s ambitious plan to change the paradigm of how the web is monetized (while als protecting user privacy).Every card issuer would naturally gravitate to the top three because they are the defacto chip card supplier. Look at the authors of the CC EAL and other security certification criteria for smart card certification and you will almost always see the big three mentioned above.They made the chips and they also made the certification criteria papers.• November 17, 2017 PM Does anyone have info or links about any arrangements Facebook has with intelligence agencies to provide live help to its moderators (censors). • November 17, 2017 PM “We’ll know where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing -- just like you do now, just like everybody does now, the internet does, or Google, or a Facebook,” Sinclair Executive Chairman David Smith told investors at the Wells Fargo Technology, Media & Telecom Conference Nov. “We will have perfect data all the time.” https:// Sinclair Broadcasting Bartered with Jared Kushner https://com/news/how-a-massive-broadcast-merger-could-affect-your-local-tv-news/ • November 17, 2017 PM New Zeus. • November 17, 2017 PM "Log off and spend the weekend outdoor without any connectivity." Indeed. Consider just how many people will fall completely for the following once the promise of "freedom from work, freedom from the daily grind," is on the horizon: • November 17, 2017 PM a surprise to see that Skynet sold Cyberdyne Systems to the moneychangers https:// this might make the hair on the back of your neck stand up • November 17, 2017 PM @Winston Smith, et al https:// Here's a bit more on the DOD leak.Somewhere I read that agents are assigned to partner with Facebook content monitors to help them resolve edge cases of prohibited speech & imagery, but the citation eludes me. With Fat Leonard scandal taking down 440 navy including 60 admirals, apparently the military leaks like a sieve these days.

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Is the risk/reward favorable to using Win2k behind a NAT firewall? https:// https:// [To repeat, the above post will link you to most of the discussion on Win2K usage] Any comments on Win2K Pro or Server version as a method of avoiding being scammed?

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