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feel so united in their apartness, their insularity, as when performing this indigenous music inherited from their unremembered past.

Fathers and sons and brothers and cousins stand or crouch in close formation, body to body, ear to ear, linked in the communion of singing with each other, with their race and with the hosts of their ancestors." Phew!

There are those who stress its political importance, while others insist more on the music in its own right.

The paghjella is often (wrongly) seen as synonymous with polyphony."I had the impression of hearing a voice from the entrails of the earth.Song from the beginning of the world," she said after hearing singing one Christmas eve in a chapel in the Fiumorbu.And there's a great new book about Corsica's traditional music by Caroline Bithell called Transported by Song: Corsican Voices from Oral Tradition to World Stage (Europea) This page: Introduction / Polyphony / Religious Chant / Secular Song / Lay Brotherhoods / Traditional Instruments / Concerts / Learning Polyphony / Corsican Music Websites / CDs by Corsican Polyphony Artistes / Other Corsican Recordings The sacred use of polyphony is particularly associated with death, funerals and mourning, which are still deeply celebrated in Corsica.There are those who may find this aspect of Corsican traditional music somewhat morbid and sad, but at the same time there is the eternal expression of hope in funerary singing (lamentu).

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The origins of Corsican polyphony are much disputed and since until recently they have been undocumented, no clear evidence exists of its source.

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