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Dating a pastors kid

With worship a bust, I sat back to pretty much observe how the rest of the service would play out.

After the loop of songs ended, a woman got on stage and started talking about community circles (an updated spin on cell groups common to large churches.) She was the “communities pastor,” and while she was talking the only thing that sprang to my mind was, “Wow, she’s got some great looking legs there…” Seriously, I’m a dude, you don’t think I’m gonna notice this?

Define them however you wish they are, very simply, dictators.

But at least be realistic about the fact that you, like every other human, are growing old and it is only wise to prepare for that occasion. (She says, in an especially blonde sounding voice.) Apparently everyone’s a pastor here, and half of them are women. Finally the sermon began, and I was disappointed to see it wasn’t Gary Wilkerson giving the sermon, but some jeans sporting guy I didn’t know from Adam.Because of my hearing difficulties I could barely follow along, but what little I did hear sounded like cotton candy fluff to me.I walked into the former auto mall that housed the church to find a few booths here and there, one offering plant sales, another offering coffee, and a few more offering signups for community outreaches and the like.At least I think they did, as I wasn’t really paying attention.

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Something about beautiful stories and hidden stories and not to share every detail of your life to the world, or some such thing.