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California food product dating

To facilitate those tactics, the store has one employee, Mary, who dedicates half of her work time to minimizing waste and tracking food donations.

As we left the market, I reflected on the dual nature of our visit. It was exciting to see the depth and breadth of the Italian food waste movement. — Dear Wasted Food Dude, Does a backyard composter produce methane? — Kai R., Arlington, VA Hi Kai, The shortest answer is: yes. While it doesn’t have to, backyard composting usually does produce some methane.

Composting forces you to notice the waste you’re creating, prompting behavior changes.

It creates a personal, local supply of useful soil amendment. — Dear Wasted Food Dude, My composting facility takes in food scraps as well as yard trimmings, soiled paper and compostable liner bags. – Perplexed in Pennsylvania Hey Perplexed, What IS up with composters and food rescue groups competing?

The store had multiple 50%-off sections to sell older goods.And Last Minute Market, operating since 1998, has streamlined the process for supermarkets seeking to minimize excess food and donate the rest to charities.We visited an “ipermercato” (a hypermarket–certainly a more fun term than ‘superstore’), to see LMM in action.Fortunately, Italy is doing its best to combat wasted food.In 2013, the government created a national Food Waste Prevention Plan to tackle waste.

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The items that didn’t sell after a day there would then be donated.