Backdating to save age

Posted by / 28-Jun-2017 04:16

I have been doing insurance for many years and have done thousands and thousands of life insurance applications.Every day this topic comes up because quite frankly, it doesn’t really make sense.For example, if your half birthday was two months ago and your application was just approved today, you will automatically be charged as the older person-your nearest age.However, the insurance company will allow you to “backdate” or “save age” for the younger age as long as you pay the premiums beginning on your half birthday until now.Most life insurance companies calculate your premium by using what is called the “nearest age” rule.What this means is the insurance company will round up your age to the nearest birthday by 6 months.Our We invite you to contact our Contact Centre if You feel that we have not complied with the spirit or the letter of the law so that We can take corrective action if required.The e Bucks Rewards Programme is brought to You ("the Member", "the Business") by e Bucks ("Us", "We"), which is a business unit of First National Bank, a division of First Rand Bank Limited.

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