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When a parent has legal control of a subsidiary, the parent consolidates the subsidiary's financial results with its own.

Ownership of 50% of the subsidiary's voting common stock generally implies legal control.

Because complexity in this area is high, the process implemented must proceed in steps as manageable as possible and the implementation process must be structured so that subsequent steps can be approached based on what has been learned.

Second, the initial relationship types to be captured are to be based on accounting standards.

You may be wondering how you find the FV of Tango's assets.

The FV will ultimately be determined by appraisal shortly before the transaction is closed.

This method, also known as the fair value method, applies when the investor does not have significant influence over the investee (as measured by voting power).

Under this method, we treat the investment as a simple financial investment initially recorded at cost on the investor's balance sheet.

We will cover the accounting specifics of the consolidation method in the lesson on Purchase Accounting.The parent also records in the section of the consolidated balance sheet any noncontrolling interest representing the value of the subsidiary's equity (net assets) not owned by the parent.Any such noncontrolling interest is recorded separately from the parent's equity and labeled perhaps The acquirer consolidates 100% of the subsidiary's income and expenses.Classification of the investment depends on the intent of the investor.If the investor intends to profit from near-term (generally within than 12 months of initial investment) price movements, they are classified as either .

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However, the parent must own at least 80% of the vote and fair value of the subsidiary's common stock to consolidate for tax purposes.

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